Are you thinking about a destination wedding? Then literally the world is your oyster! Who doesn’t get excited about the idea of getting away to somewhere gorgeous, whether that be exotic tropical  sandy beaches,  spectacular mountain views, romantic castle or rustic old world charm of vineyard or village.

The options now open to you are ever increasing and you don’t have to limit your choice to the same old local spots all your friends have booked!  You have the opportunity to break the mould to try something fresh, its more than trying to be different, it’s about being able to choose a loved or new location that ensures you have a wedding that is completely and uniquely you. Sold onthe idea?Word of God in our Prayers

Then here are more reasons why more and more couples are choosing to exchange their vows in romantic destinations around the world.

It gives you the opportunity to allow either the in-house or independent planners to take most of the stress and strain off your hands as they use their expertise, experience and vast  local knowledge  to pull together  the many details that go to make your wedding day special.

It can be far less expensive than you think and can be a surprisingly realistic and affordable alternative to local venues.

With destination weddings requiring a longer time commitment, travel, and hotel stays they give you a perfect opportunity to exclude those seemingly endless obligatory invites and focus more o
n your must-have friends and loved ones. Besides saving a bunch of money it Blog page imagemakes for a more intimate wedding

With the standard wedding lasting for about 8 hours, during which the bride and groom spend most of that time running  around trying to say hello to everyone. A destination wedding often spanning a minimum of three days means, now that you’ve finally gotten your nearest and dearest together, you have a chance to integrate all of our friends and families and actually spend quality time with them! And ultimately, your friends and family will have a blast!