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Most of us if we have been walking with the Lord for any length of time have probably come across or even used the saying “you’re to Heavenly minded to be any earthly good”. The well-known response to such a statement is of cause that many believers are “so earthly minded as to be no Heavenly use.”  The inference being made here is that there is no connection between our spiritual relationship with heaven and the practical meeting of earthly needs.

Personally I believe that we are the most beneficial to the earth with all its heart breaking needs when we see them through a Heavenly mind set! When our first port of call in all of life’s situations is the Lords face, His Heart and then His hand. This principle echoes that seen in Matt 6:33 “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”

I believe that sadly there are many times when natural resources such as finance  are elevated and valued above that of prayer . Instead prayer should be treasured more than Gold or silver! For although earthly resource (and we do need them) can achieve much for the Lord, there are always limitations of supply.

There are clearly many ways we can use natural resource to further the kingdom of God, However  I seek to counter what I often come across as a dependence upon  these natural resources. Instead I seek to point to our true wealth and greater provision that is our supernatural inheritance in Christ Jesus, which far exceeds what can be achieved with natural resources.  By accessing them we can become more earthy use. Give me natural resources in the form of money and I may be able to purchase one hundred meals to feed one hundred needy people for one day. Give me access to true Heavenly resources and I can take one meal and feed one hundred people each and every day.

This is a challenge to our natural mind set which is by no means new, see for example Matt 14:14-21 Here we have recorded the feeding of 5000, particularly you see this tension in the disciples response to Jesus request, “They do not need to go away. You give them something to eat.” In verse 17 the disciple’s response is, “We have here only five loaves and two fish.” The first disciples had the same struggle as those today, trying to meet natural needs in natural ways and seeing their resources as a limit as to what they could be done. Jesus however saw the problem of feeding the 5000 according to His world, not theirs, and this was an opportunity to invite His disciples into His world. And here we are today learning the same lesson.

None of us should forsake giving of their ‘loaves and fishes’ to the Lords work, however we must not look to them as being the first and foremost in our minds when determining our way forward and what is possible for us to do. Why do I write all this? Since the day I went public on face book with this ministry I have had a number of ministries get in touch with me asking for financial  and material aid or for me to visit their work. When I have explained to them that at this moment of time I am unable to help them in this way, but I am more than willing to come alongside them as support their work in prayer, then most of them have gone quite. Only a few have rejoiced in this offer of support. The later I believe, having valued prayer as a means of accessing Heavenly economy of supply, will be blessed. The former (even those who are genuinely working for the Kingdom of God) have focused upon the natural economy for their supply.  Many times I believe it a case of to the measure of our trust in something we will pursue it.

We can and do make a difference to our world not because of who we are or what we may have, but because of whose we are and who we know, Jesus!  When we look to the Lord in prayer for everything, we open the door for Him to express His exceedingly abundant nature in supplying even more than we can think or imagine!

I believe that we need to learn to establish this habit in our walks with Him because of the times that are coming upon us, where resources will increasingly difficult to access. If we can establish links with the Lord Jesus through prayer and learn to tap into His vast and unimaginable resources, we will have opened to us new experience in the here and now and be more fully equipped to stand in the last days and to glorify His name in the here and now. Amen! May the Lord Jesus bless you.